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Site last published: 09/19/10

Technology and not getting it

When the editor-in-chief of the city's biggest paper begins a speech with the words 'I am one of the most internet and technology aware editors in the industry...' you kind of know he's going to spend the next five or ten minutes proving comprehensively through his words and responses that he doesn't have a clue. And so it was with last night's panel discussion on how new media can improve journalism and news media in general. Read More...

Dortmund, EU, MediaAcT and being in the middle of a small story

As the snow chucks itself down outside my hotel window in Dortmund, I finally have a chance to reflect on my involvement in this large European Project. I also have a couple of bottles from the bier vending machine which should help lubricate my brain somewhat and the News Quiz on the iPlayer. Read More...

The iPad and the New Content Revolution

The early ideal of the web was read/write. That is, it would be as easy to contribute to a page as it would to consume. Early adopters were slightly Utopian believing the end of 'big media' was imminent and a new age of personal expression - to be inevitably followed by a new age of personal freedom - was there for the taking. Read More...