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Site last published: 09/19/10

After Sideways Looks

Sideways Looks, for those who don’t know, is the end of year show created and curated by staff and third year students at the University of the West of England’s department of Culture, Media and Drama. The point behind the event is to showcase the photography work, interactive media, video and journalism in a decent exhibition space to anyone who wants to come in.


2010 is the third year I’ve been involved, and the more time I spend talking to students about their work, watching the fundraising and organisation processes, discussing the presentation of work on the event website, and really just being around the production, the more I’m beginning to feel that it’s more important for those involved than any other uni rite of passage. Of course, a lot of the people who pass through the doors are the friends and families of students who are showing, and this only makes it more important. Talking to parents there is an enormous sense of pride that their childrens’ work is being seen beyond the family or university setting. For students it’s a great entry onto the CV (especially for those involved in setting up the event) and a potential source of future work that has really inspired the entrepreneurial spirit in many.

For anyone involved, I think it goes without saying that this year’s show was the best yet and that was mostly due to the passion, drive and ambition of the students involved - particularly those on the organisation committee - and these qualities were reflected in the way the final work was presented and in the quality of work itself.

Anyway, this is basically a way for me to say thank you to the staff and students who organised the event and also to thank all those who have been through the modules I’ve taught on over the past three years, especially the journalism students. It’s not been an easy three years but your enthusiasm and tolerance has been a blessing. And your ability to adapt to- and adopt - new technologies has been inspiring. On the way you’ve also produced some good work that has looked at news, and the technology of news production, in interesting and new ways and I’m sure you’ll take this adaptable approach into your post-university careers.

It’s been wicked. Thanks.