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Site last published: 09/19/10

After Sideways Looks

I’ve got seven hours until the finale of Lost (and then a day of meetings) so it’s probably a good time to reflect on the events of the weekend, and most specifically, the Sideways Looks exhibition and then end of the university year. Read More...

Moving the goalposts

Worried about the LibCon alliance? Concerned that the new regime will seek new ways to shore up its ‘majority’ over the next five years?
Well, worry no more, as the alliance’s first job in office is to change the threshold for a vote of no confidence. That was fast work! Yay for Dave and Nick.
In the past, just in case you don’t know the history, a no confidence vote could be carried with 51%, or what most people called ‘a majority’. However, thanks to swift work a vote will now have to carry 55%.
Amazingly, by total coincidence, the Conservatives have 47% of seats in the house of commons. This means, of course, that the LibDems have been shafted before Cleggs arse has even had a chance to warm the seat in the office of the DepPM.
Serves him right.